Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Ideal for ERP/MMIS users

If your organisation uses or plans to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or materials management information system (MMIS), consider electronic data interchange – EDI.

It boosts the efficiencies of ERP and MMIS systems and automates cycle steps, from order entry through invoice payment, without human intervention. EDI is commonly used by organisations having Lawson®, MeditechTM , Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, SAP®, SMS® MedSeries 4® or other materials management systems.

A private trading exchange

EDI requires a dedicated “pipeline” between your organisation and each supplier, creating the most direct communications route. The connectivity between your computer and ours allows us to transact business and exchange data, electronically and securely around the clock.

Purchase orders, order acknowledgements and invoices can be issued and transmitted – accurately – without re-keying data.

Imagine the automatic creation and electronic submission of a purchase order when product inventory at any one of multiple sites reaches pre-established reorder levels. Just-in-time inventory is just one of many advantages our EDI customers enjoy.

Our typical EDI trading partners

Many of our electronic transactions are exchanged using EDI. We trade with healthcare providers via EDI, including:

    • Hospitals
    • National and regional dialysis centres
    • Medical and surgical distributors

EDI functionality

We continuously enhance our capabilities to meet customers’ needs. The following are the EDI transactions and associated transaction numbers we currently support:

  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Invoice message (INVOIC)
  • Purchase order response message (ORDRSP)
  • Purchase order message (ORDERS)

What you need to get started

EDI requires easily aquired technology, including:

  • A computer with internet access or secure IP addressing capability (HTTPs)
  • Communications capability that enables the transmission of standardised data (we can provide this if you don’t have it)
  • An e-Business Service Provider or Value Added Network (VAN), which can enable the receipt and delivery of certified EDI transactions.

We’ll work directly with your technology team to establish connectivity with Baxter. Our hands-on involvement will make your EDI implementation hasslefree.

Enjoy the benefits in just weeks

Our experienced, Baxter e-Business team will guide you through the EDI how-to’s each step of the way.


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